Warranty Policy

All products sold by Itronic Mobile Trading Sdn Bhd are 100% original and genuine.
Majority of the products sold by Itronic Mobile Trading Sdn Bhd are under warranty coverage. However, warranty terms and conditions vary according to the types of product. 

Generally, all products are divided into 2 categories, namely:

Warranty is covered by the authorized distributor or manufacturer. In case of warranty claim, customers will have to send the faulty product(s) to any authorized service centre. Warranty terms and conditions are as stipulated by the manufacturer or authorized distributor. Buyers are advised to refer to the authorized distributor or manufacturer for detailed information regarding the warranty terms and conditions.

Warranty is covered by Itronic Mobile Trading Sdn Bhd. In case of warranty claim, customers will have to send the faulty product(s) back to Itronic Mobile Trading Sdn Bhd.

A) Smartphone Products:
All original import set smartphones are under 12 months warranty coverage by Itronic Mobile Trading Sdn Bhd
12 months coverage for transceiver and its related part, software, and labour charges.
6 months coverage for LCD Display and its related part, camera, battery, touch pad, charging port, buzzer, vibrator and etc.
1 month coverage for accessories (AC plug, earphone, cable, battery kit) if applicable.
Read below** for more details.

B) Non-smartphone Products:
There are a wide range of non-smartphone products being sold by Itronic Mobile Trading Sdn Bhd, including but not limited to phone accessories, smartwatches, household appliances, smart home devices and more. Warranty terms and conditions for these products are different on an individual product basis, and some items do not come with warranty. Buyers are advised to read through the product description in the advertisement to know more about the specific warranty terms and conditions for a particular non-smartphone product. In addition, buyers can contact us for more inquiries.



  • All warranty claim must be accompanied by proof of purchase or warranty card of Itronic Mobile Trading Sdn Bhd (IMT).
  • IMT will not take responsibility for any data loss during the process of repairing or servicing. Customers are advised to backup data of devices before sending devices for warranty claim.
  • Please sign out any relevant accounts (e.g. Mi Account, Google Account & etc) before sending devices for warranty claim.
  • During the repairing process, IMT holds the right to remove any parts/accessories when deemed necessary. For example, removal of tempered glass/screen protector/customized sticker or skin during the repairing process.
  • IMT will not replace or be held responsible for any damage caused by the removal of any parts/accessories.
  • IMT will not cover any shipping cost or any other related cost involved in sending the device to IMT for warranty claim. However, IMT will cover the cost of shipping the device back to customers.
  • IMT reserves the right to reject the warranty claim if any of the warranty terms and conditions are not met.



  • Defects caused (with or without intention) by wear and tear, accident, drop set, negligence, abusive or rough handling. 
  • Repair/service or attempted repair/service by unauthorized third parties.
  • Improper testing, operation, demonstration, maintenance, installation, adjustment or any alteration/modification of any kind including any sort of unlocking, rooting, jailbreaking and a bricked phone because of flashing firmware or ROM.
  • Any cosmetic damages including, but not limited to dent, crack, scratch, corrosion, rust or stain.
  • Detection of water/liquid inside the device (Applicable to non-water proof or water proof device).
  • Damages due to exposure to moisture, humidity, or extreme thermal/ environmental conditions.
  • Operation of devices with incorrect or irregular voltage supply.
  • Product’s serial number or warranty sticker has been removed or made illegible or has been tampered with.
  • Damages caused by any accessories/equipment or third-party software/apps.
  • Damages due to improper packing during shipment to IMT for warranty claim.



We’re sorry to hear that if you’ve encountered an issue with the product.
Don’t worry! We are here to help. Here’s the process to make a warranty claim, subject to our warranty terms & conditions. Hence it is mandatory to read our warranty terms & conditions and follow the steps below beforehand.

i) Reach out to our customer service helpline with your original order number of the related marketplace or the IMEI/Serial Number of the device.
ii) If our agent can't resolve the issue over the phone and if it's covered by the applicable warranty terms & conditions, we'll repair in accordance with our warranty terms & conditions.
iii) Please write down the details of the contact person (name, contact number & mailing address) and descriptions for phone’s defect, either hand-written or printed copies will do.
iv) Pack the device with all the accessories inside the original  box (if still available) properly to ensure the packaging is well protected. 
v) Once it is ready to go, you can ship it out at any nearest courier service providers. (e.g. Poslaju, GDex, J&T Express & etc.)
vi) Update us the related tracking number once the item has been shipped out.
vii) You will then receive a notification from us upon the arrival of the package.
viii) If the defect is not covered under the warranty, we'll reach out to you so you can decide:
• If you want to pay for the repair
• If you want the defective item returned to you as-is
• If you want the defective item scrapped
ix) You may also walk in to our office for warranty claim according to the location and operation hour stipulated below.

In the event of defects covered by this warranty arising within the warranty period, the product should be at the expense of the buyer be sent/delivered to address below:-

E-3A-06, 4th Floor, Block E, Neo Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/1,
Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

016-258 6910/6555/6665/ 03-7496 7129

Monday - Friday (11am to 7pm)
Close on weekend & public holidays